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Service Manual

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  • Contains Circuit Diagrams
  • Download
  • PDF Format
  • Complete manual
  • Language: English, German
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Description of GRUNDIG CDM700 Service Manual

Complete service manual in digital format (PDF File). Service manuals usually contains circuit diagrams, printed circuit boards, repair tips, wiring diagrams, block diagrams and parts list. Service Manual ( sometimes called Repair Manual ) is used mainly by technicians.

If You just want to know how to use Your tv, video, mp3 player etc. You should look for Owner's Manual. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English, German

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Table of Contents
    • General Section
      • Test Equipment/Aids
      • Technical Data
      • Service Hints
      • Operating Instructions
      • Disassembly Instructions
    • Adjustment Procedures
    • Circuit Diagrams and Layout of the PCBs
      • Wiring Diagram
      • Voltages at ICs and Transistors
      • Circuit Diagrams
        • Main Board
        • Display Board
        • Cassette Unit, Rectifier Board
        • CD Unit
        • Block Diagram
      • Layout of the PCBs
        • Main Board, Headphone Jack Board
        • CD -, Display -, Sensor -, LED -, Display - LED - Board
        • Cassette Board, Rectifier Board
      • IC Block Diagrams
    • Exploded View and Spare Parts List
      • Exploded Views
      • Spare Parts List
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Text excerpt from page 7 (click to view)
CDM 700 Allgemeiner Teil / General Section


GRUNDIG Service 1 7

• – • – Press the RANDOM button on the remote control. 'RANDOM' lights up on the display. Press PLAY/PAUSE 2;. The tracks are played in random order until all of them have been played once. • By pressing RANDOM during playback, random play starts from the end of the playing track. • The function is deactivated by pressing STOP 9 (in which case the CD stops) or RANDOM; in this case the remaining tracks are played in their normal order. • The random function is not possible during playback of a programme.

Changing the programme
Replacing previously programmed tracks • Press PROGRAM/TIME repeatedly until the display shows the track you wish to replace. • Select the track you want to enter in its place. • Store this track by pressing PROGRAM/TIME. Adding tracks to the programme • Press PROGRAM/TIME repeatedly until the display shows the first empty memory location. • You can now add tracks to the sequence as described above.

Compact cassettes
• For recording, use a NORMAL (IEC type I) cassette on which the tabs are not broken out. – This deck is not suited for recording on CHROME (IEC II) or METAL (IEC IV) cassettes. • For playback, any cassette type may be inserted. • At the very beginning and end of the tape, no recording will take place during the few seconds when the leader tape passes the recorder heads. • To prevent the accidental erasure of a recording, keep the cassette side to be safeguarded in front of you and break out the left tab. Now, recording on this side is no longer possible. • To render this safeguard ineffective, cover the hole with a piece of adhesive tape. • Before use, check and tighten slack tape with a pencil to avoid jamming the deck mechanism or snapping the tape. • The tape of a C-120 cassette is extremely thin and can be easily damaged. C-120 cassettes are not recommended for this unit. • Do not expose the cassettes to rain, moisture, sand, or to excessive heat. (E.g. from heating equipment or in motor cars parked in the sun). • Do not store cassettes near strong magnetic fields (for example, TV sets, speakers, engines, etc.). Copyright: Recording is permissible insofar as copyright or other rights of third parties are not infringed.

Selecting ‘TAPE’
• Press the ON/OFF button to switch the unit on. • Press the TAPE button on the unit or on the remote control. – The TAPE 6 indicator lights up.

Cassette playback
• Press 9// STOP/EJECT to open the cassette holder. • Insert a recorded cassette. • Adjust the sound using the VOLUME and UBS controls. • Press B PLAY and playback will start. • For brief interruptions, press ; PAUSE.



Playing a programme
• Press PROGRAM/TIME once to show the first track of the programme. • Press PLAY/PAUSE 2;. – Play starts with the first track of the programme. – After the last track playback stops. – The CD's total playing time and number of tracks appear on the display. Note: • Press STOP 9 to stop playback. • While playing a programme, it is possible to use UP/§ or ∞/DOWN to select the desired programmed tracks. It is not possible to use the 1-0 / +10 buttons.

• To restart playback, press this button once more. – When the end of the tape is reached the B PLAY button is released.

Storing a programme
By programming the player you can play up to 20 tracks in any desired order. If you exceed the maximum of 20 tracks, the programme function will start again from the beginning. You may store each track more than once. • In STOP mode, press PROGRAM/TIME on the unit or on the remote control. The display shows 00 P-01 and 'MEMORY' and 'TRACK' start flashing. • While 'MEMORY' is flashing, select the first desired track using UP/§ or ∞/DOWN (or 1-0 / +10 on the remote control). • Store this track by pressing PROGRAM/TIME again. • Select and store in this way up to 20 desired titles.


• To stop, press 9// STOP/EJECT. On pressing again, the cassette holder will open. Winding the tape • Press R F.FWD to search forward to the end of the tape. • Press Q REW to search backward to the beginning of the tape.




Erasing a programme
• To clear the programme, press the PROGRAM/TIME button and afterwards STOP 9. – You can only erase the programme when the player is stopped. • The programme is also erased: – by opening the CD door using OPEN; – if the batteries are exhausted or if the power supply is interrupted in another way.

Checking the programme
• In STOP mode, press PROGRAM/TIME repeatedly. – The display shows in sequence all programmed track numbers and 'MEMORY' and 'TRACK' start flashing.

Cassette recording
• Press 9// STOP/EJECT to open the cassette holder. • Insert the cassette. • When monitoring during recording, adjust the Recording from the CD player (CD synchro recording) • Press the CD button on the unit or on the remote control. • It’s not necessary to start the CD player separately: by pressing 0 RECORD the CD player starts automatically. – If the CD player is in STOP position, recording will start from the beginning of the CD (or from the beginning of the programmed selection). • To start a recording in the middle of a track, play the CD in the normal way. • As soon as the desired passage is reached, pause the CD and then start recording by pressing 0 RECORD. Recording from the radio • Press the TUNER button on the unit or on the remote control. • Select the desired waveband and station (see ‘TUNER’). • In case of FM radio recordings, set the FM MONO/STEREO switch to the desired position. • If during the recording of an AM station, a whistling sound is heard, this sound can be suppressed by setting the BEAT CUT switch to another position.

Battery Supply
• Open the battery compartment (on the bottom of the set) and insert as shown 8 batteries, type R14, UM2 or C-cells. • Remove the batteries if exhausted or if they will not be used again for a long period. – The battery supply is switched off when the set is connected to the mains. • To change over to battery supply, pull out the plug from the AC INPUT socket. Back-up batteries for preset memory In order to keep the presets stored in the memory during the time that the unit is switched off, it is necessary to insert two additional batteries. • Place these batteries size LR06, AA, alkaline type in the battery compartment. • These batteries should always be inserted, regardless of the power supply (mains voltage or batteries).

Back panel

Remote control

The buttons on the remote control have the same functions as the corresponding ones on the unit.

Extra buttons: DISPLAY – to display the clock and change the display mode – to play the titles of a CD in random order – to play only the first 10 seconds of each title – for muting the speakers – to select CD tracks and radio channels directly – to select numbers above nine, press this button and then one of the 1-0 buttons to make the number you want (e.g., to select 12, press +10 and then 2).

BEAT CUT / FM MONO/STEREO: For eliminating possible whistle tones during AM recordings and reduce noise caused by weak FM stereo stations. AC INPUT: Socket for mains lead. SPEAKERS + R - / - L +: Loudspeaker terminals.






sound using the controls VOLUME and UBS. These controls do not affect the recording. Starting and stopping the recording • Start recording by pressing 0 RECORD (the B PLAY button is automatically also pressed). – The REC 6 indicator lights up. • When the end of the tape is reached, the recorder buttons are released. • To interrupt recording, press ; PAUSE. • To continue recording, press ; PAUSE again. • Press 9// STOP/EJECT if you want to stop recording before the end of the tape. – The REC 6 indicator goes out. • On pressing 9// STOP/EJECT again, the cassette holder will open.




1 4 7

2 5 8 +10 TAPE

3 6 9

MHz kHz






The display indicates: CH: indicates the radio memory channel TRACK: indicates the CD track MEMORY: programming or programme playback (CD) or storing stations (Tuner) INTRO: during the INTRO function REPEAT: repeat all REPEAT: (flashing) repeat one track number (CD) or memory channel (Tuner) indicates the selected waveband lights up when receiving FM stereo stations playing time (CD), station frequency (Tuner) and clock time




Mains supply
• Check if the mains voltage as shown on the type plate (at the rear of the set) corresponds to your local mains voltage. If it does not, consult your dealer or service organisation. • Connect the mains lead to the AC INPUT socket and the wall socket. – The mains supply is switched on. • When you insert the power supply cable plug into the mains socket, the unit automatically switches to stand by. – The Stand by indicator 6 lights up. • To disconnect the set from the mains completely, withdraw the mains plug from the wall socket.

CDM 700

Changing batteries If the range of your infrared remote control seems to decrease, or if certain functions can no longer be carried out, you should replace the batteries. Two mignon 1.5 Volt LR03, size AAA batteries are required. To change the batteries, open the compartment on the back of the remote control. Ensure that the batteries are inserted properly (note the markings in the compartment).

RANDOM: during the RANDOM function


88 .85: :8

Note: When using battery supply, the ON/OFF button can only be used to switch the unit to stand by. To switch the unit on when using battery supply, use the ON/OFF button on the set (see 'Switching on and off').

MHz/kHz: for FM reception the frequencies are indicated in MHz and for AM reception in kHz

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